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Leslye M

Becky is amazing! We recently took family pictures and she was very patient with my 1 year old and 5 year old kids! They had fun too. My pictures range from sweet to fun to perfection! Thank you- Becky

Tonya R.

"Just saw the kids proofs from the photoshoot! Absolutley AMAZING!! It's incredible when you find someone that not only excels in their profession but you know that they love it, as well! Grateful to have met someone who can capture my children so perfectly that fits their personalities! Becky Prada your work is incredible." Thank you!!

Zaklina Z

Becky is one of the best photographers ever ! She has done my family photos , my head shots and more ! Her work and pride is amazing ! Her work speaks for herself ! I wouldn't use anybody else ;))) love her

Katie K.

Becky, "I can't begin to tell you how much I love these photos!! Oh my goodness. I knew you were talented, but this is beyond my expectations. I am just over the moon. I have already given your name to several friends. I can't wait to post these beautiful pictures And I can't wait until my baby turns 1 for some more adorable pictures!! You have me hooked! Thank you again. " Katie K.

Jessica F.

"Those (the pictures) are so beautiful! I am in love with them all. Thank you for capturing my family so beautifully."

Nadia B.

"You have a gift. I am in tears. (joyful tears). I can't thank you enough and I am at a loss for words. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!

Cathleen O.

Becky, The pictures are delicious! These are some of the best pictures we have ever had. I love that that your holiday pictures don't look way too holidayed! Not sure how you will top that! Cahleen xo

Ruthie L.

"Becky, I'm speechless. You're wonderful. My dad is smiling down."

Sean F.

"Thank you! It was wonderful to work with you! Thank you for the FABULOUS pictures. You are so talented!"

Barb G.

"The pictures of our day are AMAZING! You are so easy to work with and the kids had a blast. You made me cry (good cry) and feel so blessed to have captured the true essence of my family! These are memories I will cherish forever. You are right when you say you capture emotion and wait for the perfect moment. That is a gift you have. Thank you for sharing it"

Irina & Darren F.

"It was so great working with you. Taking the pictures at the fire station was so much fun, despite the rain. You gave us that gorgeous vintage look we wanted. And the pictures of the wedding, those are just priceless. You've taken us back to a moment in our lives that truly was the happiest day of our lives. The patience you showed, with not only us, but our familes, was amazing. I couldn't have picked a better photographer to capture one of the best days of my life. Thank you so much for the gift you have given us. We're so grateful for you."

Vicky D.

"I love all the pictures! Thank you again for everything and for capturing such beautiful moments! I am so incredibly happy! Thank You."

Jaylene and Stephen "The Bonnet House"

"Thank you so much. It was such a pleasure to work with you. The images are stunning if I do say so, myself. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Tonya R.

"The pictures are incredible! You are amazing! Thank you so much for capturing every adorable essence of my three children. They were squirmmy, noisy and fast, but you can't see any of this in your shots! It looks just like another peacful day at the beach! Thanks so much!"

Vanessa T.

"Your work is outstanding! Thank You again so much!"

Liz D.

"The pictures are amazing! And so are you! This was an incredible experience for my children. My children left the photo shoot so happy and excited! This is a very big compliment, especially coming from teenagers!"

Henry and Kelly H

You did a great job capturing the beautiful scenery and more importantly the party. We love your work and your wonderful personality/attitude. Thank you for making things easy. We will be huge secret garden advocates to anyone that will listen...It was a pleasure doing business with you.


“I want to say Thank You so much for the beautiful photos of our family. We love them. You are truly talented. I wish you weren't so amazing then it wouldn't be this hard to choose. Thank you again for your time and talent."

Jody G.

"OMG, ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS BECKY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better than i had them pictured in my head!! Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!"

Jennifer W.

Love them.... I am surprised. You had 5 seconds to get the shot on the street and somehow you managed to do that. Wow! You're good!!! Thanks for your time and patience. I really appreciate it.

Felicia Rodriquez WPBF, News Anchor & Metorologist

We can't thank you enough!!! The kids had such a wonderful time at the photo shoot, thank you for giving us that family memory! These pics look great! You truly have a way with the camera...AMAZING!!!

Felicia Rodriquez. WPBF, News Anchor & Metorologist

Becky, Omg just gorgeous! You're amazing my friend. I can't thank you enough. ...unbelievable! I am so glad you found your calling.You were always meant to do this! We are all in awe of your work!!! Xo, Felicia Rodriquez.

Jackie R.

I cannot 'say what I need to say' to you in simple words. Your passion and commitment for what you do, not only allows you to capture emotions forever, it captures the heart of the ones you have worked with. You got my heart. You are very talented. May God continue to shower you with blessings in your work and family. Im very , very happy . Cant wait to get the CD Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Laura A.

BECKY!!! We are sooo blessed to have you as a friend and as our photographer!!!! You are awesome!!! Love them all!

Venessa G.

Becky - Thank You so much. I love the pictures! We will be in touch for more photos. We have found our new photographer! Your work is AMAZING!

Shayna S>

Hi Becky, Thank you so much again!! They turned out AMAZING!! I had a tough time deciding which ones to get. LOVED them all!

Chris C.

Becky, They're (the pictures) are freakin awesome! Thanks so much. You have great talent! Website is pretty cool, too. Thanks again for everything.

Justine M.

The perspective of the photographer is what makes the photo have perfected your role. Thank You!

Marilyn A.

Becky, I love the photos! We are going to have a hard time choosing!

Gordon K.

Becky, WOW! You do miracles! Love all the photos! You did a great job!

Karen C.

Becky, You are the BEST! Thanks so much for the pictures! You have made some of my family members cry. Thanks again for capturing such a special moment for us. Take Care,

Sylvia B.

Hey Becky, All the pictures turned out great! You have a great eye! Thanks again for everything!

The Martinez Family

Becky, I cant get over my daughter's pics. Just wanted to say that you are a true artist and a pro.This is your true calling!

Jenn and Nate Q.

Becky— We love ALL the photos! Thanks again. The pictures are just AMAZING! Jenn and Nate Q.

Katie W.

Hi Becky, We received the pictures and we love them! Thank you very much, we had a wonderful time working with you.

Julie S.

Becky - The photos are great! Thank you again for the wonderful pictures. They are absolutley beautiful!

Melissa J.

Hi Becky, It was so nice to finally meet you. I am so glad we found our new photographer. I just finished viewing the pictures, and they are just BEAUTIFUL!!!! You certainly do have quite a talent and do amazing work. The only problem will be deciding which ones to choose. Talk to you soon,

Lisa G.

Becky, Looking through your galleries is a true testament that when you follow your passion, everything is attainable. Your work is truly fantastic. You capture my children's personality with every shot. Thank you,

Ada A.

Dear Becky, I expected a frustrating experience with my 2-year-old, but it was actually a FUN time, and I got amazing photos of my daughter that were just so her!

Vicky B.

Dear Becky, All the pictures came out beautiful! Everyone absolutely loved them. You are a very gifted lady. We will definitely use you again. Kind regards,

Julia A.

Hi, Becky! The pictures are beautiful, absolutely gorgeous!!!! You are so talented! I am giving a friend of mine your number for you to take pictures of her daughter. I showed her the pictures you took, and she fell in love with your work! Thank you so much for the shoot. We had so much fun! Hope to see you soon! Love always,

Jessi M.

(The photos) they all look so great. I can't wait to take them again! Thanks again for all your great work. The canvases look amazing!

Tiffany W.

Hi, Becky. Oh my goodness - the pictures are just beautiful!! I can't believe these pictures are of the same fussy newborn we had to work with. She looks too peaceful. I can't wait to get her pictures. You did a really beautiful job!!! I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again, Becky!!!

Jillian R.

Hello Becky, I wanted to thank you for your caring and understanding during the session. I am so happy that you were able to take photos of us. I feel very blessed to have found you. The pictures are beautiful! You really out did yourself!! Thank you again,

Sylvia B.

Thank you so much. The pictures came out so great! My husband and I almost cried looking at them. You are so talented! ... I don't know how we are going to decide. "

Claribel S.

Becky, "Wow!! I love them!!! I will sit down with my husband and decide which ones we want. It will be hard. Thanks so much for everything!!!"

Patty B.

Becky, "OMG!!!! The pics are AWESOME! I want them all!!! I absolutley love them. You are worth every penny. They look like models."

Erin B.

Hi Becky, I just wanted you to know that I just placed my order and I must tell you I truly love your work. The proofs are absolutely beautiful! Thank you soooooo much! We will definitely be calling you again. P.S. I also saw the baby's storyboard on your website and I was bragging to all my friends and family. Thank You.

Steve B. Children's Home Society

Becky, Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures!! I am having them displayed in the building where they get the most traffic. They are fantastic! We appreciate your true generosity!

Reyna A

Hi Becky, I can't thank you enough for the beautiful pictures. The girls had so much fun! I can't wait to see the rest. They are beautiful! Your work is just incredible. ...


Becky, Wow! They are just AMAZING! We are so impressed, they came out phenomenal. You are so talented!! Thanks a bunch,


Becky, I absolutely love the photos, especially the ones of the boys. They look like magazine models. I can't wait to get them. I also love the family one ... great job! Thanks!

Chelsea K.

Hey Becky - They (the photos) look AMAZING!! It was so easy to work with you, and the pictures turned out simply fabulous ... just perfect! I can't wait for the little guys to get here and you to do their first shoot - You are so talented!! Thank You,

Tina G.

Dear Becky,The photos are beautiful. I love them all!! I can't wait for my husband to see them and my parents, as well. Thanks for making them so beautiful!!!!You are truly amazing!

Hilda G.

The photos - They are just beautiful!!!!!!! Thanks again, they are wonderful!

Sarah G.

Becky, Thanks for the pictures. I don't know how you did it, but you did. The twins' pictures came out awesome!! Thank You!

Heather M.

Hi Becky, Thank you so much for your time and hard work. They are the most beautiful pictures I could have ever hoped for.

Jillian R.

Hello Becky, I wanted to thank you for your caring and understanding during the session. I am so happy that you were able to take photos of us. I feel very blessed to have found you. The pictures are beautiful! You really out did yourself! Thank you again!

Jane S.

Becky, So sorry that I took so much time to tell you that I love love love the photos you took. In fact, I have never seen so many wonderful, perfect pictures. The love we have for our grandson, you really captured in each picture. Thank you,